What if walls could cool your home? 

Our window wall systems use a simple compression system that reduces the incoming air to reduce the temperature of the interior space. It is a simple technique that is able to lower the exterior air up to 28% of the exterior. This may not be the solution to all air conditioning but it may be able to lower the temperature for millions of homes to the point that air conditioning is rarely used. This modular system is great for existing buildings as well as new construction. 




Indoor/Outdoor Spaces



Passive Air Conditioning

The architectural solution to affordable

air conditioning

Millions of people die every year from heat-related illnesses such as heat exhaustion and strokes. Our passive air conditioning systems are an affordable window or wall system that uses the openings of your house or office as a way to lower the temperature of the exterior air as it enters the interior. This system works by simply compressing air from the exterior which lowers the temperature of the interior.  

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