Solving the Global Water Crisis

Our team is working every day to make water affordable, safe and environmentally beneficial. We are unlocking the oceans to give you pure water without the problems of traditional desalination by using evaporation technology that boils water into steam with the sun rather than using high-pressure filters. It is safer, cleaner and natural because it is how the earth brings us water every day through the precipitation cycle. 

Municipal Water Supply

Disaster Relief

New Developments

Military applications

Private Islands


Climate Mitigation

Renewable energy systems


Net Positive Desalination

The architectural solution to global drought

Millions of people die every year from drought, famine, and contamination. We have the technology to solve the problem for over 85% of the global population that is threatened today. our systems are simple to build, cost-effective and are environmentally beneficial compared to traditional reverse osmosis. 


Our systems can be built within 4-6 months due to our optimized process and parametric algorithms that are able to quickly configure the most efficient materials, location and construction types to quickly provide your city with a reliable water resource throughout the year. 

We build desalination technology that serves cities as large as 10 million people to portable modules that server 500 people per day. 

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss a possible project or learn more about our work.

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